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The (Slightly) New Gentlemint, Ads, and The Next Steps

It's an exciting week. March Madness is underway, and here at Gentlemint HQ we've had our own version of Madness. We're going to be releasing quite a few major improvements to the site over the next few days, and today we start with a doozy: a new redesign. We've mostly kept the same playful and Old Timey feel of the ... Continue reading →

Featured Gentlemint Member: Zamoose

Our next featured member has been seen, at one point or another, by nearly everyone on Gentlemint. He catches spam quicker than an algorithm, and he's been around almost as long as the site has been live. He has posted some of the most prolific tacks, never ceasing to amaze or inspire us. It's safe to say Gentlemint ... Continue reading →

"Who is the average Gentlemint member, anyway?"

We get asked this question a lot when Brian and I do interviews about Gentlemint. Now, the reporter asking the question is really wanting to know the demographics of Gentlemint. Detailed percentage breakdowns of gender, age, location, and plenty of other unimportant stuff. When asked, Brian and I always explain that we have no ... Continue reading →

Featured Gentlemint Member: Razorback

As you well know, Gentlemint has an incredible community. We've been blessed to have such a massive base of respectful, helpful and engaging members posting and commenting every day. You email us with ideas, and you help us catch spam and other shady content faster than any bot ever could. It's really beyond anything we could have imagined when we ... Continue reading →

On Civility, Politics and Memes

There's that old maxim that when you go to the gym, you can talk about anything except two things: politics or religion. Why? Just in case you actually want to come back. We feel like Gentlemint should be a place where you're able to discuss your opinions and ideas, but, (and this is a really big but), the discussions should ... Continue reading →

Gentlemint Refresh Is Live (with Following)

On the Fourth of July we hinted at a big redesign on Gentlemint. Today we're happy to announce that the new redesign is live. There are some other major, major improvements as well, but we'll get to them soon. The Concept We've always had a vision for the Gentlemint design that was considerably different than the previous minimal design. ... Continue reading →

Happy Fourth of July (and the New Gentlemint)

Howdy from Gentlemint HQ! We're taking a break from grilling bratwursts and singing our eyebrows to give you a little teaser on what's next for Gentlemint. In short: a ground-up redesign. Since we built the site so quickly, the design was put on the backburner until ... Continue reading →

New Feature: Collections

It's been pretty quiet here on the public side of the Gentlemint until today. Aside from adding Alex, we've been working on the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes aspects of Gentlemint that were initially glossed over when we built most of the site in 12 hours. Since we've launched, one of the most requested features ... Continue reading →

Introducing Alex

On the surface, things appear pretty quiet here at Gentelmint. People keep sharing manly links every day, we're inviting more and more people into the site, and every day more people are visiting Gentlemint. Everything is working smoothly. Yet, below the surface, things are bubbling. For starters, Brian has been working quickly on behind-the-scenes features that keep spammers and other ... Continue reading →

Gentlemint at SXSW

Greetings from Gentlemint HQ. This weekend Brian and I will be at the SXSW conference in Austin, TX. Here is our proposed itenerary for the weekend: Meet up with as many Gentlemint folk as possible Ummm.... Don't die. We know it's short notice, but if you're headed down to the ... Continue reading →

Ads on Gentlemint

When Brian and I started Gentlemint, we never dreamed that a little 12-hour project would generate so much attention in such a short amount of time. We always thought that Gentlemint would grow gradually, like a snowball rolling down the hill. Instead, the growth has been more like Chuck Norris driving a snow plow down a mountain. So, how ... Continue reading →

Reporting inappropriate posts

Hello from Gentlemint HQ. We have experienced some incredible growth over the last couple of weeks and I'm sure most of you have noticed a lot of new faces in our growing community. We absolutely love the people that contribute to Gentlemint and we want to continue to have a outstanding group of people that use and contribute to Gentlemint ... Continue reading →

Saving to your mint

If there's a "most requested" feature that Gentlemint users have asked for, it's the ability to somehow save tacks that they like. Previously the only mechanism for that is to hit the like button, and then view your likes in your mint. Well, we're happy to announce you can now save tacks that you like in your mint. Simply click ... Continue reading →