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Introducing Alex

Last updated April 5, 2012

On the surface, things appear pretty quiet here at Gentelmint. People keep sharing manly links every day, we're inviting more and more people into the site, and every day more people are visiting Gentlemint. Everything is working smoothly.

Yet, below the surface, things are bubbling. For starters, Brian has been working quickly on behind-the-scenes features that keep spammers and other ornery folk from tampering with our incredible community. I've been re-working core aspects of our design that allow us to move quicker, and cleaning up my original--ahem--shoddy design markup. (Remember, the core of Gentlemint was actually built in a day.) These are things that allow us to grow and move freely with development.

Not only that, since our launch we've also been literally swamped with interview requests, support, and general inquiries that come with being in nearly every publication on the planet. From Fox News to Forbes to Mashable, we've seen our share of coverage. A shocking amount, to be honest. A major part of our day is sifting and replying to everything that comes into the mailbox.

So, to help with all of this, we're happy to announce that we're bringing a good friend and crackerjack developer/sysadmin on board: Alex Kritikos.

Alex Kritikos

Alex Kritikos - The myth, man and mystery

Alex as a Hipster Koala

Alex is the Chuck Norris of web development; constantly whipping unruly code and pokey servers into his bidding. His new role at Gentlemint includes (among many things) optimizing site speed and figuring out ridiculously hard programmatic problems.

Also, Alex will have a major hand in helping Brian and I develop some of the things that you all have asked for, making Gentlemint more enjoyable and easier to use.

So everyone, say hello to Alex. Drop him a line on Twitter and check out his Gentlemint profile.

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