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Reporting inappropriate posts

Last updated February 24, 2012

Hello from Gentlemint HQ.

We have experienced some incredible growth over the last couple of weeks and I'm sure most of you have noticed a lot of new faces in our growing community. We absolutely love the people that contribute to Gentlemint and we want to continue to have a outstanding group of people that use and contribute to Gentlemint every day.

Unfortunately, along with a growing community and increased attention come a tiny percentage of people that want to use Gentlemint to post inappropriate, offensive, or overly self promoting content.

In order to help us keep Gentlemint a great place to share manly content, we turn to you, the users of Gentlemint for a bit of help. Tonight we rolled out a new, shiny report button.

reporting button

Clicking the button when appropriate will help notify us of content that is unbecoming of the users of Gentlemint. Once we are notified, we will take appropriate action based on the individual situation of the post and the user.

We're continuing to work on new features and ways to improve Gentlemint every day. We really appreciate everyone that uses and contributes to Gentlemint. Thank you all for being so freaking awesome.

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