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Gentlemint Updates: Search, a blog, and a better user experience

Last updated February 9, 2012

Gentlemint now has a few things: a blog, searching ability, and a better user header.


We'll be posting some great things on the blog. For now, mostly update announcements and news, but in the very near future some more interesting things. For example, the maiden post is a little bit about the Gentlemint story, which details the origins of the site and how exactly the site became so popular.

You can subscribe via RSS if you're wanting to follow along.

Searching Tacks

Now you can search for specific things using the smashing new search functionality Brian baked in. Here are a few of my personal favoites:

As the mint continues to grow in size and more users join, this feature will become more and more useful.

User Header

If you're logged in, you'll see a whole new section in the header of the website. This has all the pertinent info and links needed to make the Gentlemint experience a better one. Quickly add a link to the mint, access your mint, send invites (if you have any), and, of course, a link to this blog.

Ok, that's it for now. Cheerio!

Glen and Brian

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