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Happy Fourth of July (and the New Gentlemint)

Last updated July 4, 2012

A preview of the new Gentlemint

Howdy from Gentlemint HQ! We're taking a break from grilling bratwursts and singing our eyebrows to give you a little teaser on what's next for Gentlemint. In short: a ground-up redesign.

Since we built the site so quickly, the design was put on the backburner until now. While the current clean look has served us well, it needs a refresher. Badly.

We've been working hard on a brand-new design that takes care of a lot of pain points that you all have pointed out to us via email, Twitter and Facebook. Your feedback has been invaluable while building this design out. Many thanks!

Without giving away too much, this design focuses on a cohesive branding that, to date, Gentlemint really hasn't had. We'll also be fixing some massive bugs, and making the site easier to use all around. The new design will be shipping soon, so look forward to hearing from us shortly.

Here's to a much-improved Gentlemint!

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