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Gentlemint at SXSW

Last updated March 8, 2012

Greetings from Gentlemint HQ.

This weekend Brian and I will be at the SXSW conference in Austin, TX. Here is our proposed itenerary for the weekend:

  1. Meet up with as many Gentlemint folk as possible

  2. Ummm....

  3. Don't die.

We know it's short notice, but if you're headed down to the conference or are going to be in the area, we'd like to say howdy. So if you're willing to be seen with us (for at least for the time it takes to drink one beer), just drop a comment below. We'll be sure to get the word out to you with the particulars once we narrow down the details.

If we get enough people on board, perhaps we can take over a watering hole for an afternoon or something. But one thing is for sure: if we only get to shake the hand of one of you amazing 'Minters, then the trip will have been worth it. Our users are what keep this site great, and it would be awesome to discuss the finer points of Gentlemint with you over a tasty beverage.

Anyway, thanks for everything and we hope to meet many of you as possible this weekend.

Oh, one more thing: On Saturday I'll be on an entrepreneur's panel--hopefully I'll learn something--for the Dad 2.0 Summit just outside of Austin. If you're going, be sure to introduce yourself.

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