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Announcing: The Gentlemint Reserve

Announcing: The Gentlemint Reserve

Last updated April 1, 2014

Above: A screenshot of The Reserve in action.

We've quietly released a new feature to the Gentlemint lineup: The Reserve. Here's how it works:

Every day we'll list a few deals on low-priced products, or just plain awesome manly products that we (or our resourceful members) have found. We've been posting around 3 of the best values from each day's findings.

For example, today we've listed a deal for half off a 1950's vintage Gibson Les Paul... a classic electric guitar that's usually twice as expensive. How awesome is that?

Anyway, we wanted to test the concept on the site first before we officially "launched it", because we didn't know how well it would go over.

Guess what: Our limited testing has confirmed that yes, Gentlemint members appreciate good deals on quality, manly products.

Who knew? ;)

You can choose to sign up to get emails of each day's Reserve items (many of you already have) by clicking the link below and dropping in your email address.

Sign up for The Reserve emails ->

So there you have it. Check out The Reserve today, and let us know how we could make it better by emailing us or commenting below.


Brian and Glen

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