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"Who is the average Gentlemint member, anyway?"

Last updated June 4, 2013

We get asked this question a lot when Brian and I do interviews about Gentlemint.

Now, the reporter asking the question is really wanting to know the demographics of Gentlemint. Detailed percentage breakdowns of gender, age, location, and plenty of other unimportant stuff. When asked, Brian and I always explain that we have no idea. (Well, we have a sneaking suspicion that a healthy number of members are men, but that's about it.)

We really don't care how about things like how old Gentlemint members are or where they live, their incomes, or whether or not they shop at Sharper Image. Quite honestly it feels a little uncomfortable to know all that information anyway.

We're intentionally ignorant about knowing detailed data about Gentlemint members.

Yet, somehow we have an accurate view of the average Gentleminter, despite the fact that there are only two fields in the Gentlemint signup process. You see, when you engage in our community every day, you look at different metrics to truly know who your members are. (Pro tip: If you run a community and need stat tracking to tell you who's in your community, you're doing it wrong.)

Here are a few things we do know about our community:

  • They diligently find spam and other unsavory links posted to Gentlemint, almost instantaneously. (This allows Brian and I to sleep peacefully at night.)
  • They post things interesting links regularly, sometimes many per day. Bacon restaurants, interesting ways to tie ties, camping tips, etc.
  • They add insightful comments and have rigorous and respectful debates (the epitome of manly).
  • They send us emails with thoughtful suggestions and bugs
  • They offer to do things like buy us beers and even pitch in with our programming efforts(!!)

...all while asking nothing in return.

So based on our own data points, we have defined who we think the average Gentlemint member is:

Gentlemint members are respectful, self-made people who want to improve their lives, share with others, and have rigorous debates. They're a mature bunch who enjoy a good laugh, along with some of the finer things in life.

While the reporter may not care what we think our community is, ("But, but, but… do you have any numbers you could share with our readers?!"), the above is what's important to us. And it should be important to their readers too.

One thing that we always add in these interviews is how incredible the community is. We'd challenge anyone to find a better community on the Web.

We've really got it made when it comes to building something for great people who care about this site, and every improvement we make on the site from here on out are all going to be focused around who our community is and how we can help them.

Until next time,
Brian and Glen

Photo credit: xeelix

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