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The (Slightly) New Gentlemint, Ads, and The Next Steps

The (Slightly) New Gentlemint, Ads, and The Next Steps

Last updated March 21, 2015

It's an exciting week. March Madness is underway, and here at Gentlemint HQ we've had our own version of Madness. We're going to be releasing quite a few major improvements to the site over the next few days, and today we start with a doozy: a new redesign.

We've mostly kept the same playful and Old Timey feel of the site, but added some enhancements and better structure. It's not a drastic change, nor is it 100% perfect. We'll still be tweaking some elements, but it's a major step forward.

The most important objective was to make the Gentlemint experience consistent across all devices. Viewing the site on a mobile device is no longer painful, and will only get better as we add mobile apps (coming soon).

Another element that was added with this redesign: the ability to watch videos on the site. No more clicking over to youtube, watching the video, and then heading back to Gentlemint. Zamoose first brought this to our attention over two years ago, and we finally made it happen.

The History of Money and Gentlemint

So for the first two years, we bankrolled the site and all it's expenses on our own. Then a little over a year ago we added The Reserve, which has helped pay the site's monthly expenses.

So in the next few days we're adding another revenue stream: ads. We've made some partnerships with some great ad companies who will work to show only relevant ads to our community.

By adding these ads, it means that we can actually spend the time the community deserves on improving the Gentlemint experience for our members.

Ideally, we'd like to work directly with brands. That's our goal for the future. (If you are a brand or know one who would like to work with us, please contact us.)

As always, the best part of Gentlemint is the community. We love the feedback, dedication and help you guys give making the community better. You guys post incredible links, send encouraging feedback, and squash spam before we get a chance to see it. Truly amazing.

We'd love to hear any thoughts, questions or concerns in the comments below in the comments or by email.

Again, thanks for all you do.

~ Brian and Glen

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