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New and Improved: Adding Tacks

New and Improved: Adding Tacks

Last updated May 1, 2015

Today Gentlemint just got a whole lot easier to use. The ability to add tacks (the main function of the site), has gotten a complete overhaul.

The Web has changed significantly since we initially launched Gentlemint in 2011, and the technology that we were using to to add tacks was significantly outdated. Oftentimes the image-getter doesn't get images. Sometimes it throws weird errors. And sometimes it just hangs, with the wheel spinning.

The bottom line: Many incredible incredible sources of manliness weren't showing up on Gentlemint.

Over the past month Brian has completely taken apart the crusty add tack page, and has replaced it with a completely different experience.

For starters--and most importantly--when you go to find an image from a link, it will almost always work (more on what to do if you still can't find an image later). Almost any link should show images, and if not there's a helpful error message to help you figure out why it's not working.

Once you've added a link, the images are displayed in a nifty carousel, allowing you to scroll to find the perfect image. A bonus: we show the size and quality of each image, so there's no more accidentally picking tiny images.

Easier collection selection

Another improvement on the tack add page that will help many: better selection of collections.

Previously the collection selection process was a bit rough. Now you can type to search for selections, and adding them makes more sense visually.

Bookmarklet revamp

As if completely reworking the add tack page wasn't enough of an undertaking, Brian went ahead and reworked our bookmarklet as well.

The bookmarklet is hands down the best way to add tacks to Gentlemint. Not only is it handy--you can add a tack without going to Gentlemint--it can often find images when the add tack page can't.

The bookmarklet behaves just like the new tack add page, complete with a nifty carousel and reworked design.

You can install the bookmarklet by heading to the add tack page, looking in the right sidebar, and dragging the "Mint it!" link to your bookmarks bar of your browser.

If you're someone who likes to add to Gentlemint, this is the update you've been waiting for.

As always, you can send us an email, hit us on the social networks or leave a comment below for any bugs, and we'll be sure to reply.

Now go forth and mint!

~ Brian and Glen

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