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Selfies Are Officially More Deadly Than Shark Attacks

Selfies Are Officially More Deadly Than Shark Attacks

Last updated September 23, 2015

Another selfie, another fatality.

It seems like this is becoming more and more common, as people keep going to impossible lengths to take selfies. It's becoming so common that it's now more likely you'll die from taking a selfie than from a shark attack.

So far in 2015, there have been 8 confirmed shark-related deaths. There have been 12 deaths while taking selfies.

In response, some places have started banning selfies and selfie sticks. Disney parks, the Forbidden City, the Sistine Chapel, to name a few. State parks have actually closed because too many people are trying to take selfies with bears.South Korea has banned the sale of selfie sticks with some stiff punishments of prison time.

The Russian Ministry of the Interior has a nifty graphic to show people how NOT to take selfies.

This is a very weird time in our culture, to say the least. Maybe it's time to go the old fashioned route and ask someone to take your picture?

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