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The 105-Year Old, Record-Setting Sprinter Named "Golden Bolt"

The 105-Year Old, Record-Setting Sprinter Named "Golden Bolt"

Last updated September 24, 2015

Hidekichi Miyazaki (aka "Golden Bolt") has defied time and set the world record for the...wait for it.... over-105 age category.

In fact, before Golden Bolt ran the race, the Over-105 age group didn't exist.

But the fleet-footed senior ran the 100-meter dash in a time of 42.22 seconds. Not fast by many standards, especially Miyazaki's. In an interview with Japan Times, Miyazaki said this:

“I’m not happy with the time,” the pint-size Miyazaki said in an interview after catching his wind. “I started shedding tears during the race because I was going so slowly. Perhaps I’m getting old!"

What's more impressive about this story is that Golden Bolt had only taken up in his 90s. And he's not planning on slowing down, either.

“I can’t think about retiring,” said Miyazaki, whose next challenge will come at next month’s Japanese Masters Championships. “I have to continue for a few more years, to show my gratitude to my fans.”

There are some important takeaways that we can learn from this amazing gentleman:

1. You're never too old.

2. Never be satisfied.

One can only hope our great-grandchildren will be cheering us as we cross the finish line, like they did for Mr. Miyazaki.

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