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Firefighter's Retirement Present: American Flag Made Entirely From Firehose

Firefighter's Retirement Present: American Flag Made Entirely From Firehose

Last updated September 29, 2015

A retired firefighter received an incredible retirement gift from his son: an American flag made of decommissioned firehoses.

A poster on Reddit posted an image of his brother presenting the American flag made of decommissioned firehoses.

The son of the retiree unveiled the flag at his retirement party at the station, and apparently made the flag by building a plywood mount a vertical cross brace. Then, using a special firehose trimming knife, trimmed the hoses to create the stripes.

Then, he ordered some metal stars online and screwed them into the plywood. It seems like a fairly straightforward project, with the only real tricky part being ensuring that the measurements and proportions were correct for the hose.

The best part about the entire project is that, according to the original poster, those are the original colors of the hoses, with dirt and other remnants still remaining on the hose.

Another angle of the flag. Source

I can't imagine how much it meant to the father to receive this. I'd wager this will be hanging proudly in his garage or shop, a proud symbol of the many years of service he gave.

Make it yourself

We were able to find another DIY article on how to pull this off, and it's pretty thorough. It even has the hoses locking, which is a nice touch.

Interestingly, using firehoses in crafts and products is becoming a thing. It's incredibly durable and strong fabric, so it's no surprise. For example, here's a bar in Brussesls that wove firehoses onto their doors. The Oregon Zoo uses firehoses for ape hammocks, and there's an entire line of clothing and bags made from firehoses.

That should be enough inspiration to get you started.

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