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145-Year Old Martin Guitar Violently Smashed While Filming Tarantino Movie

145-Year Old Martin Guitar Violently Smashed While Filming Tarantino Movie

Last updated February 9, 2016

Today is not a good day, fellow guitar lovers.

The Pennsylvania Martin Guitar Museum lost a member to the bloody Quentin Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight. In one of the scenes Kurt Russel violently smashes a priceless 145-year old Martin guitar to pieces.

In the scene, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh is playing an old guitar, an original 1870's Martin, on loan from the Pennsylvania Martin Guitar Museum. While Leigh is playing, Kurt Russel walks over, grabs the guitar and smashes it against a post, to the horror of Leigh.

It's estimated less than 10 of these beautiful Martin artifacts exist in the world.

If you can stomach watching the gory scene, here it is:

Leigh's horrified reaction is genuine. She told Billboard that she was expecting to cut the scene and replace the guitar with one of the six replicas that were created for the scene.

Russel never got the memo.

To Russel's credit, Leigh believed he thought the guitar was a replica. "Kurt felt terrible; he had no idea. When he found out, his eyes literally welled up."

In the end, the museum got all of the pieces of the guitar back, and was recouped the $40,000 the guitar was worth. But museum made a policy shortly thereafter that it would no longer loan guitars out for movies under "any circumstances".

Can't say we blame them.

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