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10 Bomber Jackets Under $50

10 Bomber Jackets Under $50

Last updated April 14, 2017

Fall is here, and that means it's time to start wearing one of the manliest pieces of garb available, the bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket was created when the U.S. Army started the Aviation Clothing Board in 1917, and started releasing clothing to be used for military men in World War I.

Because planes didn't have enclosed cockpits at the time, pilots needed a heavy duty jacket that could keep them warm at high altitudes for long periods of time. So they invented the traditional bomber jacket, which was made with leather, high collars and lined with fur.

The bomber jacket has evolved over the years, and have been in and out of pop culture with movie stars sporting them, creating immediate demand for these iconic jacket. They're a symbol of honor, adventure, and come on... they just look cool.

Here are five jackets we've found that look great and won't break the bank, all under $50 (and many under $30).

Angel Cola MA-1

Angel Cola MA-1

A modified version of the classic MA-1 bomber jacket.

Price: $39-$49


Aoxin Bomber

Military-fit bomber with nylon outer shell, orange quilted interior.

Price: $30-$35

James Dean-esque Red Bomber

James Dean Red Bomber

Look like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause with this red bomber jacket from BINGKA.

Price: $28-$38

H2H Mens Casual Quilted Bomber

H2H Casual Quilted Bomber

Not the traditional bomber style per se, but classy nonetheless.

Price: $49

AVIDACE Classic Bomber Jacket Quilted with Patches

Bomber with patches

Here's a bomber with patches added on. It's water resistant, wind proof, and quilted.

Price: $40-$45

Polo Rib Bomber Jacket

Polo ribbed bomber jacket

Polo has a more modern take on the bomber, with a simple zippered front and ribbed collar and hem.

Price: $19-$55

Reversible Flight Pilot Bomber Jacket

reversible bomber jacket

What's better than one bomber jacket? Two bomber jackets. If you agree with this line of thinking, then check out the reversible version by Maximos.

Price: $33-$35

Majeclo Quilted Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Majelco quilter bomber jacket

This jacket has less pockets, is a slimmer fit, and features the quilted outer style.

Price: $39-$47

Casual Baseball Bomber

Baseball casual bomber jacket

This is probably the loosest variation of a "bomber jacket" that we're featuring, but it's still a nice jacket. It's thin, lightweight, and has a lot less pockets. Less fighter pilot, more '80s.

Price: $29-30

Snap Button Windbreaker Bomber

Snap button bomber jacket

Here's a no-frills variation of the bomber, with snap buttons instead of the traditional zippered pockets in the front.

Price: $39-46

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