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$100 Million Brain Implant Project to Make Super-Human Memory

$100 Million Brain Implant Project to Make Super-Human Memory

Last updated October 20, 2016

Entrepreneur Ben Johnson has put up a cool $100 million of his own cash to start researching how to make a brain implant that could help restore memory.

The key area of focus of the study is the hippocampus, an area in the brain where a lot of memory is stored. Theodore Berger from the University of Southern Cal is studying people with epilepsy who already have seizure-treating brain implants to record brain activity.

Berger believes that the more we know about brain activity and how a healthy brain works, scientists should be able to electrically stimulate positive brain patterns to restore memory.

β€œThe idea is that if you have loss of memory function, then you could build a prosthetic for the hippocampus that would help restore the circuitry, and restore memory,” says Johnson.

If it helps me remember where I put my wallet last, I'm all in.

Hat tip: New Scientist

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